Wednesday, August 22, 2007

50 years of the Australian Unity Agreement (4)



If you haven't already seen my post on this subject then it would also fit here as part of this series. Rather than re-post it you can click on the link above.

In my next post in this series I will publish a Unity Agreement for the Twenty First Century (UAFTTFC).

The so-called Unity Agreement in Australia (which has, in reality, been a Dis-Unity Agreement) has been used for years as a weapon to coerce individuals and ecclesias into conforming with the majority, or the loudest, or the most intimidating. The UAFTTFC is much gentler, more brotherly, solidly based in the teachings of Jesus, and impossible to wield as a weapon.

Hopefully, once it starts to circulate, if ecclesias or individuals are asked "do you accept the Unity Agreement?" the response will be "which one?" and this should lead into a discussion about the UAFTTFC with a spirit which is markedly different to the one which caused the problem.