Thursday, August 25, 2005

An appeal to Christadelphians

I have recently been publicly accused of attacking Christadelphians on this weblog. The criticism came from someone who has frequently criticised other Christadelphians who have differing views on some matters, so it appears to me to be somewhat hypocritical to be accusing me of attacking Christadelphians when it is what my critic apparently does all the time. It is a further reminder to me of just how deeply divided is the Christadelphian community, and, as our Lord said, "a kingdom divided against itself will not stand".

The purpose of this weblog should be apparent by now: it is not to attack Christadelphians but to appeal to them to repent of the behaviour that has divided the community for many years; to take a fresh look at what the Gospel is all about; to focus on the things that are really important (instead of the endless squabbles over minor details); and to work together instead of against each other in proclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom.

On a personal note I should say that I have been involved with the Christadelphian community all my life and many of my friends are Christadelphians. But I also understand the deep frustration and despair experienced by those who have seen the community tear itself apart, turn on some of its most committed members, and lose focus of the message it was called to proclaim.

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