Friday, December 23, 2005

2005 Book List

Here are the top 10 books from this years reading list for Steve Cook (in no particular order, and excluding the Bible which is essential reading every year):

  1. The Theology of Paul the Apostle, James D.G. Dunn
  2. Jesus Remembered, James D.G. Dunn
  3. The Jesus Creed, Scott McKnight
  4. The Lost Message of Jesus, Steve Chalke and Alan Mann
  5. Contagious Holiness, Craig L. Blomberg
  6. Planting Churches in Muslim Cities, Greg Livingstone
  7. The Barbarian Way, Erwin McManus
  8. The Conversations of Jesus, Simon Kistemaker
  9. The Bubble Will Burst: Jesus is building something new, David M. Newby
  10. Optimum Nutrition for the Mind, Patrick Holford
and then there were the Inspector Rebus novels by Ian Rankin. I managed to get through 7 this year and am now on my eighth. The best so far was his latest: Fleshmarket Close.

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