Monday, March 13, 2006

Where have I been?

You may have noticed that I haven't posted anything on my blog for over a week. I'd promised to write some more on several threads, as well as some others I'd like to start. However, I've been going through some major restructuring at work and my work-load has increased considerably (hopefully just for the time being). On top of that we have been organising the wedding of our eldest daughter in less than a month from now (and I've discovered just how much work is involved with wedding-planning!)

As well as the other ministry projects we're involved with my time and resources have been stretched to the limit. God does that every now and then I've realised. By stretching us He often develop new strengths in us, or we find that some of our limitations are actually self-imposed.

Anyway, I hope to resume blogging very shortly. I plan to get back into some history with a short series on Early influences on Christadelphianism, with some articles on people such as Benjamin Wilson, author of The Emphatic Diaglott which was once on almost every Christadelphian bookshelf (Jan Stilson from the Church of God General Conference has sent me some microfilmed copies of Wilson's magazine The Gospel Banner which has some excellent material from the period 1858-1868).

I hope to write some more on Jesus' Gospel of the Kingdom under the heading 'I will build my church'. Jesus came preaching the kingdom (and almost never used the word 'church') while Paul built churches (and rarely used the word 'kingdom'). What's that about?

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