Thursday, September 27, 2007

Pakistan Christadelphians

A new blog has been launched with information and news about the Christadelphians in Pakistan and their progress in preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom.

The first Christadelphians in Pakistan - 10 of them - were baptised in 2002. Since then there have been more than 800 baptisms, which makes this one of the fastest growing areas in the Christadelphian community.

As well as providing updates on developments and breaking news, the blog is also intended to provide some commentary on why the Pakistan Christadelphians have been so successful in preaching the Gospel in a country where Christians are persecuted. It also plans to explore what Christadelphians in other countries can learn from the Pakistan experience which would be helpful elsewhere.

This is a 'private' blog and access is by invitation only.

Why is access to this site by invitation only?

Pakistan is an Islamic country and Christians are a tiny minority (about 2%). The safety and security of our brothers and sisters is a prime concern for us.

For this reason we have to be very careful about publishing information which could identify individuals and put them at risk. Consequently this is a 'private' site and is not searched by search engines. That's also why access is restricted to people we can trust.

The Islamic world is a vastly different place to the western world, people do not have the same rights to religious freedom that we experience in the west, and information put on the internet might put lives at risk.

If you'd like to access the blog you can send an email to, including your name and ecclesia, and mentioning why you'd like to visit the blog.

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