Thursday, January 10, 2008


Pakistan is a nation in turmoil. Since the assassination of Benazir Bhutto there has been a great deal of uncertainty about political stability in Pakistan. Understandably, our brothers and sisters there are very concerned about the future. They are reporting that because of the destruction of infrastructure the power supply is very intermittent and some areas are going for long periods without power or gas. Communication has also consequently been disrupted. Food and essential commodities have escalated in price, with some basic items such as flour and milk increasing by 50-70%.

Pakistan has been one of the fastest growing areas of the Christadelphian brotherhood in recent years. Since 2002 there have been more than 800 baptisms and the spread of the Gospel in this nation of 170 million people has been phenomenal. To aid and support this amazing activity of God, especially during this time of crisis, we are asking for your prayers.

For each day during the week commencing 13 January 2008 we are asking for Christadelphians worldwide to unite in their prayers for Pakistan .

Each day will have a ‘theme’ to help you focus your praying.

To facilitate this, each day during the prayer week an email will be sent to supporters and friends with some relevant background information and suggestions for thanksgiving and prayer requests, so that worldwide we will praying along similar lines each day. The same email will be posted on their blog (see link in the right side panel).

If you are not already on the email list to receive updates, please let us know and each day during this week we will email you so that you can join in this fellowship of praying together.

A hard copy of these prayer suggestions for the full week can be posted to any brother or sister who would like to join us in the prayer-week but who cannot access email or the internet.

Please feel free to forward this message to any brothers and sisters who you feel would welcome the opportunity to partner with us in prayer for a full week for our brothers and sisters in Pakistan .

To be added to the email list for prayer suggestions and updates send an email with the word 'Subscribe' as the subject to

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