Friday, April 04, 2008

Women know your limits

I thought this video might be relevant to the ongoing discussion of women's roles in church. It's not directly about church, but I've heard some of these sentiments expressed in a church context.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Steve,

Perhaps the modern malady that blights the Brotherhood today, where women wish to have a recognisable voice in the affairs of their meetings, could be effectively halted in its tracks by reversing universal suffrage, not allowing women to own their own property, and by bringing back child and slave labour.

After all, they were the "Good Olde Days" weren't they?

Shouldn't men keep the women in the kitchen? That way us men can make all sorts of decisions relating to the future of our meetings, our children and our relationships with others, without having to explain very much to our wives. After all, us men do believe [with good reason and logic] that women are way too emotional, and far too interested in maintaining family units intact, to allow them to influence our decisions to effectively go about 'our' job of "preserving the purity of the Truth" in the 21st Century.

Of course, us men will let the women have the babies, change the nappies and teach the children in Sunday School until the children are about 12 years old, then we will take over and finish off the job properly, won't we?

Steve, if only we had listened to and sought the wise and compassionate counsel of our Wives and Sisters in Christ in the years past on most issues... perhaps we would not have ended up with at least 35 differing "Fellowships" within Christadelphia... each claiming to be upholding the Purity of Doctrine and Practise as taught by the Apostles in the first Century.

As the Apostle Paul says, "In Christ, there is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for you are all one."

We have allowed the wall to come down that divides Jew from Gentile. None of us would really applaud the re-introduction of Slavery again.

How come we balk at allowing our women folk a more active vocal role in our community? Especially when there are only single proof texts to support what we ego driven men would like to imagine as being the Truth of this matter.

It is high time we took our blinkers off Steve, and started treating our women folk with respect and love and validation... just like Jesus showed us how.

Just look at the Bible... how many times does the Father empower women folk to do what men were not capable of doing... right from Genesis to Revelation?

To allow women a voice in our community is not Apostasy... not loving them, not respecting them, and not validating them is!!

Why can't we let the Sonshine in?