Sunday, July 10, 2005

Are you free?

If "the truth will set you free" then it follows that if you're not free then whatever it is you believe to be "the Truth" isn't the truth at all.

Over the years I have met many Christadelphians who are decent, good living people. They read their Bibles regularly, attend church ("meetings") regularly, obey the laws, keep themselves "separate from the world", and try to live by the commandments of Christ. Yet they are not happy with their relationship with God. Many Christadelphians find that their meetings do not satisfy them spiritually: the singing is often lifeless and dull; the exhortations and Bible studies are academic, theoretical and have little or no application to life; prayers are formal and impersonal. I have met many Christadelphians who long for something better - they want a deeper, more satisfying intimate relationship with God. Theoretically they believe this is possible because they read about it in their Bibles, yet they do not experience this in their personal spiritual lives.

If correct doctrine is as important as Christadelphianism teaches, and if Christadelphians really do have the Truth, then of all Christian denominations they should be the most free. Why is it that they're not?

Ask any Christadelphian if they are saved and they will probably tell you that they "hope" that they will be "accepted" at the Judgment Seat. Ask them how confident they are that they will be accepted and they will again say that they hope they will be considered worthy (or words to that effect). If correct doctrine is so important, and if Christadelphianism is so right, then why aren't Christadelphians more confident about their personal salvation?

I believe there is something fundamentally wrong with Christadelphian teaching that is preventing its members from experiencing true freedom in Christ. The object of this website is not to criticise Christadelphians or point out their failures - but rather, to offer some hope to the many Christadelphians who are desperately looking for something more fulfilling. I believe it's possible for Christadelphians to experience true freedom, to be assured of their salvation, and to know intimacy with God, and I hope to share this in future posts.

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