Sunday, June 18, 2006

"I will build my church" (2)

Nearly six months ago I began a series on this theme, but only got as far as the first post.

I plan to take it up again, so here is a brief overview of what I plan to write about.

Have you ever wondered why Jesus hardly ever talked about "church"? In fact, the word church occurs only twice in the Gospels, both times in Matthew. What Jesus talked about repeatedly was the Kingdom, and it's not until we get to Acts that the word ekklesia/church is used as the usual way to describe the people of God.

I'd like to explore what Jesus meant by "church" when He said "I will build my church" (Matthew 16:18).
  • What exactly did Jesus intend to build?
  • Is this reflected in the way anyone actually does church?
  • Is it reflected in Christadelphian ecclesias?
This series will also tie together some threads from the series I've written about the characteristics of Christian leaders (i.e what leadership means in the church Jesus is building) and the earlier posts on the Gospel of the Kingdom and the Lord's table.

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